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Executive Council

Jerome Dargent President of the IFSO-EC Symposium 2019
Gerhard Prager IFSO-EC President
Michel Suter IFSO-EC Past President / Chair Bylaws Committee
Jean-Marc Chevallier IFSO-EC President Elect
Martin Fried Executive Director/Representative of Obesity Facts
Nicola Scopinaro Honorary President
Nicola Di Lorenzo Member at Large to IFSO/MNAG
Rachel Batterham Chair of the Scientific Committee
Ralph Peterli Chair of the Scientific Committee
Maurizio De Luca Treasurer
Tom Mala Representative of OBSU
Joan Pujol Chair Communication & Development Committee
Karin Dolezalova Young IFSO Representative

Program Organising Committee

Rachel Batterham (UK)  
Ralph Peterli (Switzerland)  
Martin Fried (Czech Republic)  
Jerome Dargent (France)  
Gerhard Prager (Austria)  


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